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We bring raw, organic honey straight from the hive to your table. Shop our honey and find out which of our flavors is right for you.

All natural. Pure joy.

We bring raw, organic honey direct from the forests of Tanzania to your kitchen table. Our honey is unfiltered, unheated, untreated. Just pure unique tasting honey. Click below to find out which flavour is right for you.


Pure Joy Honey works with over 1,000 beekeepers in western Tanzania to produce high-quality honey and beeswax. We are a social enterprise committed to improving the lives of people living in remote forests through traditional beekeeping practices. Our mission is to bring economic empowerment and sustainable development to farming communities in Tanzania and deliver the most pure, most natural, most delicious honey to people across the world.

Beekeepers in Western Tanzania

Traditional beekeeping has been passed down from generation to generation in Tanzania, and we are happy to partner with beekeepers to continue their traditions. This is beekeeping in it's most nature state. Not industrial beekeeping with bees trucked around to find flowers. Wild bees foraging on wild flowers in pristine forests. We are absolutely delighted to share it with you.

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