About Us

We started with a simple idea. Connect traditional beekeepers with honey lovers around the world.

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Why We're Here

In Tanzania’s far west along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, lie forests where leopards, elephants, chimpanzees, and lions roam in the wild and still exist almost untouched by human activity. These forests, far from a tarmac road and formal agriculture, produce beautiful organic honey. No chemicals, no pesticides, not even hives as you imagine them. Just hollowed out logs and wild bees. These forests are miles away from, well, everything else. Enter Pure Joy Honey. We started in 2017 with the aim to bring honey together from the most rural Tanzanian beekeepers by providing them with a sustainable global market. There is a strong demand for organic honey all over the world so connecting remote honey farmers to that market is the clearest path to prosperity. We are now one of the largest employer in the Kigoma region. We employ over 50 local staff members who package and send raw, organic honey to your table!

Our Honey

Our honey is sourced directly from untouched forests reserves in Western Tanzania. The beekeepers harvest honey twice a year, creating distinct full flavors, rich in floral diversity. Almost all honey produced in the world contains pesticides and chemicals. Trace elements of chemicals used on plants finds their way into your honey via the bees. Not so for Pure Joy Honey. Our honey is 100% raw and pesticide free and meets the organic standards of both USDA and EU specifications. We laboratory test every batch so you know that you are getting all the health benefits of natural honey - and nothing else.

Trace Your Honey

Pure Joy is dedicated to bringing you the best organic honey through complete transparency and traceability at every step of the way. Every jar that we sell is individually coded. When you buy your Pure Joy honey jar, look for code on the label. Type that into our website and you’ll see precisely where your honey came from. We’ll connect you right from your home to the beekeeper in Western Tanzania who is responsible for your delicious honey!

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Our Impact

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Pure Joy Honey is all about delivering great tasting raw and organic honey of the highest quality through bringing equality and prosperity to the most underprivileged and underdeveloped parts of the world. Our mission is to support local beekeepers who protect natural forests and create a sustainable livelihood for them and their families. We work with over 1,000 beekeepers across western Tanzania who continue to harvest honey using traditional methods of beekeeping. As a social enterprise, we directly purchase honey from farmers at a fair price to improve the income of beekeepers and future generations. By increasing the value of forest honey, we help protect these few last remaining wild spaces. It started as a simple idea. But with your support, it could become so much more.

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