Jane Goodall Institute and Pure Joy Partnership

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"If each of us does our part, all the pieces of the puzzle come together and the world is a better place because of you."

Dr. Jane Goodall

Pure Joy Honey and the Jane Goodall Institute have partnered together to produce unique delicious, ethical, ecological and organic honey.

It is harvested by traditional beekeepers who live in some of the last remaining wild chimpanzee habitat in the world.

Not only does it taste amazing, but 5% from the sale of every jar goes back to conservation efforts in Western Tanzania in Jane Goodall Institute's projects.

By empowering traditional beekeepers, we can all help protect the home of our closest genetic relative.


Anna Moser/JGI


JGI Compost training in Isubangala

In Western Tanzania, the Jane Goodall Institute is working with local communities and governments to address conservation threats head-on with innovative and holistic solutions driven by the latest science and technology.


Their activities go from improving access to sustainable livelihoods, implementing collaborative land-use planning, supporting capacity around natural resource management and expanding environment education.


Jane Goodall Institute's goal is for people, chimpanzees and their ecosystems to all thrive together in harmony.

Check their website here to discover more about Jane Goodall Institute's activity in Western Tanzania.